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Office Meta: 7.10 China, 7.11&7.12 Classy Christmas

Hey all,

It's been another couple of lean weeks and the two winners,falulatonks  and firthgal , wrote such great/amusing metas that I've included them in their entirety. Enjoy, and I hope to see more of you in the new year!

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 7.10 China

falulatonks :

The Office this week looked like it was going to be frustrating and annoying, but the Michael-Oscar storyline was inspired, and the Pam-Dwight storyline made me both laugh and sniffle. Thank you, thank you, show, for addressing the things Pam has lost or has done wrong - and I loved that it wasn't the focus of a storyline, but just a motivation of the actual story, and I loved that it was short. Actually I liked a lot about how this episode was edited/put together. Sometimes I feel like this show uses the excuse of a documentary to be a little lazier about this sort of thing, which I guess works and it suits its old style, but the jokes worked better because of where certain shots were cut or certain scenes were shot, I think, which really helped.

firthgal :


I'm sorry, this is my second random, unnecessary one line post today. Just consider my posting habits to be like Andy's texting habits. I'll try to make my next one as epic as pigeons eating ice cream...

7.11&7.12 Classy Christmas

falulatonks :
  • I think this was one of the best-written episodes in a long time, and I'm a little surprised that I have Mindy Kaling to credit for it - she's spectacularly funny, but I think she relies on the absurd a little too often, making her episodes hilarious and pretty brilliant, but lacking some of the realism that I enjoy about this show. Not here, though! I adore how tightly-written this was, how neatly the storylines overlapped, how well all the characters were utilised - I loved it.
  • Angela's date being gay was kind of glorious.
  • snoorella  was telling me how sad the Jim-Dwight storyline made her, which I understand, but I feel like it's a reasonable comeback for the torture we've seen inflicted on Dwight for years. years. (Also, frazzled!Jim is hot, and I'm sure I've said this before, but he's also incredibly funny and a lot of fun to watch.)
  • Also, look, I found it ridiculously sweet that Jim headed out to the car park, ready to have a snowball fight with his brother archenemy. Cynical!Jim being game for Charlie's Angels poses and getting happy over snowfall and getting sappy over gifts warm my heart.
  • Jim and Pam, I adore it when you remind me why I tag all your posts on Tumblr with "my OTP". Pam's gift for him was perfect, as was his reaction to it. AWWW.
  • I watched Fringe first today and had my heart broken into a million pieces (multiple times), but I think it's fair to say that the emotional trauma I went through watching the Michael/Holly storyline was a little bit similar, because I spent ages pausing and wailing every time someone did something. UGH, MY HEART. They are the Office end-game, you guys. I will accept no less. How they stumbled around each other despite continuing to be on the same wavelength was heartbreaking. And Michael saying "I am dead inside". AGHH.
  • I feel like this was the most well-written that irrational,-immature!Michael has been in years. I never got upset with him despite the stupid things he did, and when he choked in the car park as he said, "Yeah, well, at least she was married!" my heart broke for him a little bit. Oh, Michael. If it helps, I wish A.J. could die. I disliked him before, but my feelings turned into a deep, burning hatred when Holly mentioned he hadn't seen the Toy Story movies until she told him to. YOU DO NOT DESERVE HER, A.J.. GO AWAY.
  • Daryl and his daughter! Pam! Pam! Pam! PAM. I loved that storylines in this episode reacted to her presence (if that makes sense) in a way that it hasn't for a long time - she changed things around simply by reacting to things and being herself, and I loved that. (Also, she got Stanley his favourite cookies! YAY.)
  • A lot of my lasting connection to this show is how I feel about the characters and the relationships they have with each other (Jim-Dwight, Jim/Pam, Michael/Holly, etc.) and I love it so much when the show focuses on those interactions to bring out the humour instead of forcing a special situation or forcing characters' antics. Ah, Mindy. Well done.
firthgal :

The Office! Oh, The Office. So, so, so very good. And honestly, after the atrocity that was Moroccan Christmas, I think this ep was owed to us all (yeah, I still can't get over how much that ep sucked. I can't even remember season 6's Christmas ep. In fact, most of season 6 is a blur). Anyway, I loved loved LOVED that the tables were completely turned on Jim in this ep. I'm sorry, but the boy deserved it after so many years of tormenting Dwight. Granted, Jim was never as extreme as Dwight, but if you mess with someone that takes everything in life as seriously as Dwight does, you have to expect to get it back tenfold in the future. And I will always love eps that actually make me sympathize with Jim, because I spent so many years resenting that dude with a passion that it's nice when the show makes me love him. And OMG his face when he saw Pam's gift! HIS FACE! Doooooh, I love those two cheeseballs. ♥ I even enjoyed Michael/Holly tonight. Apparently I only dig them when it's totally tragic for Michael. Also, I so adored how not impressed Erin was with Holly. NOBODY IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER MICHAEL. Oh, gosh, I love Michael and Erin's relationship so freaking much. I may have mentioned that in the past about a billion times, but seriously, they're so adorable, and I love how protective of him she was in this ep. SHE ADORES HIM SO MUCH. Even back when Michael was a total dick to her just because she wasn't Pam she worshiped the heck out of him. I'm pretty sure that's what endeared her to me in the first place and it will always be what I love most about her.
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