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Feb. 10th, 2010


Office Meta: 6.15 Sabre

This is not that late
It’s still Wednesday over here
Plus today was packed

Have you tried making everything smaller?Collapse )

Jan. 27th, 2010


Office Meta 6.14: The Banker

Short set of meta today, mostly because last week was a clip show (btw, did ANYONE know that was coming? I had no idea and was promptly disappointed). My sources (aka Officetally) tell me the next new episode is February 4, so I will see you all back here on the 10th! Also, I may or may not have quoted some entire entries, but you can’t prove it unless you go to the specific journals nananana.

It's so short I even forgot to cut it (twss?)Collapse )

Dec. 16th, 2009


Office Meta: 6.13: Secret Santa

Hello hello hello! Today I bring you the meta for the final episode of the year 2009, SECRET SANTA! This item, full of lulz, observations and penetrating insights is the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list! And for now until eternity only, it can be yours for the low low price of clicking the following cut! Batteries not included
If this were Russia, yeah sure. Everyone would go to one Santa, and there would be a line around the block and once you sat on her lap and she'd ask you what you wanted, you would say probably "freedom." At which point the KGB would arrest you and send you to Siberia. It's a good thing Russia doesn't exist anymore.Collapse )

Dec. 10th, 2009


Office Meta: 6.12 Scott's Tots

So let’s just pretend it’s Wednesday and this has been posted in a timely manner, yeah? If anyone’s to blame, it’s society Lady Gaga, for keeping me out late. Um, or my exam, but somehow I forgot about that two seconds after it ended. Good times.

Anyways, for those on the West Coast waiting for the final episode of 2009, enjoy! And those who have already seen it, metametameta!!! Right.

Do I sometimes replace Rs with Ws? Yes. Do I sometimes repeat a word to get my point across? Well if I do, Andy's sowwy.Collapse )

Nov. 25th, 2009


Office Meta: 6.11 Shareholder Meeting

So I would put my usual “hey y’all!” here but to be honest I’m so sleepy today all I can actually type, let alone speak, is something to the tune of “mork mork mork.” So I shall simply present the meta that is forthcoming, and boo and hiss that tomorrow will not bring a new episode. Boo. Hiss.

The Dunder Mifflin stock symbol is DMI. Do you know what that stands for? Dummies, morons and idiots. Because that's what you'd have to be to own it. And, as one of those idiots, I believe the board owes me answersCollapse )

Nov. 18th, 2009


Office Meta: 6.10 Murder

Woohooo! Another instalment of Office Meta! On A Wednesday! Because Pacific Time is the only time! I am abusing exclamation points! Anywho, here it is, lovely readers. If it seemed like I was harsh this week (which, um, I have a hard time doing) and writers feel offended, know that I spent 6 hours yesterday grading peer papers and became more and more angry as time went on, and I think it has carried over.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Nov. 11th, 2009


Office Meta: 6.09 Double Date

Hey all! I bring forth now at this hour the office meta for the episode 6.09: The Lunch. Er, Double Date. I like lunch better because I am a girl.

Anyways, enjoy, and for all of you who had today off (oh what, you didn’t? Nananananana).

Grandma!Collapse )

Nov. 4th, 2009


6.08: Koi Pond

Here is this week’s lovely batch of meta! Please, excuse me if something seems entirely wrong/the html breaks/whatever. I decided to write as much as I could for the first few days of NaNoWriMo and I forgot how exhausting writing isssssssssssss.


Oct. 28th, 2009


6.07: The Lover


In other news, I’m finally getting around to, you know, do all those metas I missed last year. Have I mentioned that I’m sorry? ‘Cause I am, though *I* thought the Rip Van Winkle joke was funny. Because I’m 4. Anyways, I’ve finished the collecting phase, so once I write my last midterm tomorrow, I’m going to start pulling stuff together. I’ve decided to backdate them, unless there is a huge uproar, to keep your FLists looking sane and to make the community page make sense, but I’ll link to new ones in each week’s meta. That being said, though I have tried to get everyone’s comments in, if you know that you have a brilliant (or normal, whatever, I’m not picky) meta that is hidden somewhere my sleep deprived self wouldn’t see, weirdly tagged, or past the deadline, feel free to whack it over my head so you get included. <3


ConquackulationsCollapse )

Oct. 21st, 2009


6.06: Mafia

So we’re back to cogniscience on my part. I know, this is very exciting. I also know this is not a word, but roll with me. And, meta is back to the usual “before Carly’s classes” time, because I don’t have a midterm this week to cram for which gets postponed anyways because of some dolt pulling the fire alarm.

Anyhoo, here is the meta for the episode “Mafia.” You may notice I am only currently able to do one word cuts. That’s because I fail at HTML. ‘Till next week, everyone! *does Mr. Rogers-esque exit*


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