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Office Meta 7.01: Nepotism

Welcome back to the office land, everyone! I'm glad to see y'all back, meta-ing up a storm (word coining comes with the mod privileges). Just as a season opener reminder, if you would like to be quoted please put the keyword "office meta" in your interests, without the quotation marks--luckily with some voodoo I can still search interests on LJ. The day they take that away from me will be a sad one indeed. As well, if you plan to lock your meta/response/whatever posts, please, please, please friend scranton_reader  so I can access your entries. I sometimes run into people who have updated since the last episode, but I can't access their posts to check for meta, and let me tell you, the curiosity is killing me. Friending me will not do it; in order to keep my sanity I log into scranton_reader  to check for meta, so though you are of course welcome to friend me (uhh, what?), if you want your locked meta to show up in this public forum (again, uhh, what? Hadn't thought about that one) please friend scranton_reader . scranton_reader . Did I mention friending scranton_reader ? Right. TO THE META, AND BEYOND!

Things that are not awesome but should be heard... (aka Carly: showing you pet peeves you didn't know you had since 1734!)

[From the episode summary:] A new assistant's bad attitude has the Dunder Mifflin staff up in arms, but Michael refuses to fire him. Andy tries to ignore Erin's interest in another man. Pam tries to prove to Jim she has a playful side by playing a practical joke in the office.

Check that last sentence. Hey, you know what, actually, I'll repost it here in bold:
Pam tries to prove to Jim she has a playful side by playing a practical joke in the office.

DID THE WRITERS ALL FORGET WHAT EXACTLY THE JAM RELATIONSHIP WAS BUILT ON BEFORE THEY WERE ALLOWED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR RELATIONSHIP?! It was just all playful and practical jokes! "Jinx, buy me a coke" and stealing Andy's cell phone and the intricate Christmas present to Dwight of he's being indoctrinated into the FBI.

Ugh, I'm sick over this. cashewdani 

I think they pan to Jim too much, even when there's nothing for him to really react to. There was a moment in one of the conference room scenes where this happened. greenfish 

Aaaaaand to cleanse the palate:

The Office was adorable and really funny and maybe it's because I didn't think about it much, or because I haven't had expectations for it for a while, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I love everyone! falulatonks 

Cold Open

The cold open was adorable, even though I had no idea why they were doing what they were doing. Creed was kind of sexy? Yeah, I said it.firthgal 

What the hell was that? Why did it exist? What was it for? Claiming it was Toby's idea will not soften me up. The best part was when I briefly hoped Dwight might slit Andy's throat. rainbowstevie 

Gabe and Erin

In the beginning of that scene, before Gabe came in, I literally groaned at the blatant Erin/Andy and I was like, "Gawwwwd, is this still a thing?" BUT THEN GABE CAME IN AND ERIN SMILED AND HE LEANED DOWN AND THEY KISSED AND IT WAS SO, SO GLORIOUS. They had more chemistry in those 2 seconds than Erin and Andy had during an entire season. GOOD SHOW, SHOW.firthgal 

So NOW, Erin has: the perfect job, a cat, a perfect first and middle name, great figure, a guy smitten with her who asks her out in the sweetest way possible, and the ability to reject him and upgrade to a classier and more attractive model. I like to think that Hell could not devise a greater punishment than making me watch the most annoying person in the world live out my dream life.rainbowstevie 

"Prankster" (I refuse to use the term “Pammed”) [ie. the part of the post where I flail around my own thoughts]

Oh Pam, honey, we need to talk. When you rig an elevator to malfunction, you don’t ride in it. You set up a video camera and watch and laugh (PLAUSIBLE mythbuster style because if the show wants me to suspend disbelief to the extent that I’ll accept that Kevin can rewire an elevator then I’m allowed to believe Pam can procure a video camera that is small enough to hide. You can’t pick and choose random out of the realm of believable plausibility details without me demanding my own leeway, people). Or just listen at the doors, what are there, three floors? Whatever. YOU DO NOT GET IN IT. I mean seriously, this is pranking 101. I’m an English major and I know this. English majors in general, as a rule, know nothing. itmustbecarly 

Nepotism is how you show that you care

Michael's nephew, on computer: My strawberries are ripe
Me: SIM FARM!! Or probably it's that Facebook game I've heard of but refuse to know about. I prefer to believe that Sim Farm transcends time and has touched a new generation.rainbowstevie 

And then Dwight getting overzealous in the reenactment of [the spanking] made me giddy (especially since it was Andy's bottom that he got overzealous with. Oh yes, I still remember their brief bromance where Andy modeled hunting outfits for him). firthgal 
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